Chettayipara Waterfalls | Cinematic Travel Vlog | Kannur

Chettayipara Waterfalls at Randamkadavu village is situated in Kannur district close to the Kerala-Karnataka border about 2600ft above sea level. This tourist destination has recently gained popularity among the people of Kannur district. Though the Chettayipara waterfalls originates in the forests of Karnataka state, it is best viewed from Kerala. You can see the mountains covered in fogs in most of the time. Along with the best sunrise and sunset, Chettayipara Waterfalls also offers a best view of Kannur from a long distance. From Karnataka, the route is via Koottupuzha. One can reach Chettayipara from Kannur via Iritty which is around 16 km. The main problem are no hotels for lunch nearby.If lunch is required then advance reservation is required at restaurant.

Address : Randamkadavu, Kannur, Kerala - 670706 Location :


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